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Total Eclipse of the Heart

How is this year just flying by?! We could not be more excited for Spring-music festivals, niche conventions, THE ECLIPSE! It's a good month to get out there and have fun, y'all. The best part: we've got events and activities lined up for literally everyone, giveaways galore (seriously; there are like, 2), and everything you need to know for the once-in-a-lifetime experience coming up next week. 

Don't Forget...

Canva Design (4).png

Unfortunately, those won't get you through the eclipse. Neither will your Gucci sunglasses, but apparently these ones work great. Don't ask us; we're hairstylists, not scientists. 

Don't wanna buy your glasses? Get them free from one of these businesses

Rose colored lenses?

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Eclipse Moon and Sun Logo Template For Design Studio.jpg

You're trying to stop doom scrolling. Or you need an easy (not SUPER MESSY) craft to do with the kiddos. Or your bedroom needs an upgrade, but you're not trying to spend a lot of $$$. Or you and the girlies are having a craft night! Or...

OK, you get it! Elsa compiled some crafts that are SO fun, even if you're a self proclaimed "not crafty" person. 

Check out thousands of curated ideas, right here!


Colorful Illustrative International Transgender Day of Visibility Instagram Story  (1).jpg



Stay tuned for Amanda's makeover celebration giveaway! She's looking GOOD and wants to celebrate by giving away a full hair makeover! Stay on the lookout for details!

Pinterest Alert!

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Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

Okay, who's feeling lucky? Elsa is hosting a giveaway this month! The rules are simple:

-Book an appointment in the month of April (color or cut or both, your choice!)

-Post on IG tagging @elsa_manetease_society and @maneteasesociety. Tell us how much you love your hair!

Each appt booking+post gets you an entry to win...

-a leather bound journal

-a super cute mug

-an Olaplex giftset

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