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Cheers to a New Year

Resolutions, vision boards, everyone has their thing to prep for the new year! At Mane Tease, we're excited for everyone to see all the big and exciting developments we have planned for the salon in 2024. Read on for events to put on your calendar, and some fun inspo for the new year!

Something about the new year always makes us want to plan for growth and positive change. Resolutions can be overwhelming to set, and even more overwhelming to maintain. Luckily, we've got a cute PDF planner to start you off right. Click HERE to download; duplicate the pages and use them again and again!

Set for Success

It's safe to say every team member at Mane Tease is a foodie! Let's be real-who doesn't have a favorite food or comfort meal? Sushi, tacos, pasta...okay, okay, now I'm hungry. The foods we eat provide us with energy, but they also have the power to boost our mental focus, ease sore joints, reduce headaches, and even improve our hair health! We've got you covered with easy, time-saving recipes guaranteed to give you a major new year's boost. Click HERE to find your favorites!

Need a boost?

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